To all Attendees to the Conference of Cognitive Science in Uruguay

March 12, 12:30hs UYT

Dear colleagues,

We continue monitoring the situation of the Covid-19. As we told you yesterday, we will inform you of any changes as soon as we have new information. Today the congress app will be available on our website, which is a good way to keep us all in touch. We ask that you install it on your phones as soon as possible so that we do not saturate the communication channels with individual questions.

So far Uruguay continues without confirmed cases (March 12, 12:30hs UYT, GMT-3). However, we are waiting for the decisions made by neighboring countries and the Uruguayan government to re-evaluate the possibility of postponing the event. Until now, we do not have enough information to justify a decision in this regard and that is why we will continue evaluating the situation - together with the authorities of our country. Rest assured that you will be the first to know if there is a change in this regard.

Thank you all for your patience and willingness.

Marc 11, 17:00hs UYT

Dear friends,

We are updating the information concerning the COVID-19 and our Conference.

  1. Up to now (17:00hs UYT, Marc 11), there are no confirmed cases in Uruguay. All suspicious cases tested negative.
  2. Our government has designed a plan to curb the infection once it reaches our country.
  3. Our neighboring countries have a low number of cases with no demonstration of communal transmission.
  4. There are several international speakers that have cancelled their trip to Uruguay due to travel restrictions in their home countries. There are others that are now travelling to our country. See the program ( for the details.


Based on this information, we decided that we are continuing with the conference as planned. If our government decides more restrictive measures we might need to cancel the event. If we reach this extreme we will immediately let you know.


We are concerned by everyone’s health and we are taking all required measures to have a safe and interesting conference.