New dates

April 2, 12:00 hs

Dear colleagues,


It has been almost 20 days since our last release where we expressed with great regret, that the most responsible decision was to postpone the Uruguayan Conference. Unfortunately, the facts show we were right. We want to thank the numerous expressions of support we received at these hard times from funders, speakers and participants.

But nothing lasts forever, and what helps us to move forward is imagining a better future, where hugs, kisses and why not, international conferences where we can meet our friends and colleagues, are back in the world.

With this in mind the Organizing Committee is committed to holding the First Uruguayan Conference of Cognitive Science in the near future. We started working on finding the best date the day after we cancelled, and after much consideration, we have decided the conference will be held from the 2nd to the 6th of December, 2020.

We know that it is probably too early to be sure about many things. What COVID has taught us is to be flexible with our plans. This new plan is no different. We know that we live in a permanent situation of uncertainty, but we also know that we cannot let this uncertainty paralyze us, or we lose the battle. 

We invite you to be in touch and expectant about our conference. All the speakers on our webpage have expressed that they will be able to come. We will keep informing you about this and other news. Thank you for all your support.


March 13, 17:00 p.m.

Dear colleagues,


The situation of COVID-19 worldwide is making it very difficult to sustain the congress, even if only in its simplest form. Although it is true that in our country the measures are still only local (suspension of concerts and specific prohibitions), it is also true that, by definition, a congress is a meeting place for people who come from different parts of the world to share their knowledge. In particular, our congress clearly had this vocation and a very clear example of this is that we have attendees from almost 30 different countries.

The reality of the world in relation to mobility and the congregation of high concentrations of people is changing day by day. Yesterday, Argentina resolved to cut flights from Europe and the USA and impose quarantine on all those who come from those countries while restricting the mobility of its citizens, especially through airports. In our country, the first cases of covid-19 have already appeared and public events have been canceled. Likewise, the President of the University of the Republic made a resolution yesterday with specific recommendations (read here), calling for the suspension of all international meetings.

Given this situation and considering that most of our international and regional guests will not be able to arrive in Montevideo, we have decided to postpone the first Uruguayan Congress of Cognitive Sciences.

It has been very hard to arrive to this decision (harder than we would have imagined) but we cannot be insensitive to the recommendations of most of the world and our specialists. Unfortunately, so far, the only procedure that has been shown to be able to reduce harm is control of human action. It seems to us that the decision to postpone the congress is the most responsible decision at the moment.

We ask for your patience during the days to come. Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic is facing us with a very difficult test as a society, but we are sure that we will succeed.


Organizing Committee.